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Sport events

Bemils ticketing system is also suitable for managing sporting events of all kinds: matches, marathons, sports festivals, horse racing, etc. Read More

  • Sale of tickets and season tickets online from private labels, and onsite from the box office with all the functions of the system (resale, rename, management of various rates and discount codes, dynamic price, change date, etc.).
  • Possibility of managing user lists (such as members) with possibly dedicated purchasing processes.
  • Sale of packages and/or collateral products and services: parking, food&beverage, masterclasses, workshops, meet&greets, merchandising, etc.
  • Pass system with management of areas and accreditations for authorized personnel/VIPs/influencers, press, etc.
  • Integrated access control system for validating entrance tickets, passes, accreditations, and vouchers for the collection of products or services onsite.

We also have the SIAE certifications, necessary for the sale of tickets and season tickets in Italy for:

  • Series A, B, and international (genre event 05)
  • Series C and lower (genre event 06)

With already active integration for communication with the State Police for VRO checks, with and without a fan card, always necessary for the sale of tickets and season tickets above.