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Accreditation management

With Bemils it is also possible to manage the accreditations for your event, which can have customized layouts and graphics. Read More

The most common format is that of a tri-fold A4, which the user generally receives by e-mail. The accredit ticket can then be inserted in a pass holder if it is expected to be delivered on-site. In the e-mail, it’s possible to insert also additional attachments, like the event program, or other communications. But the accreditation can be also digital or with RFID technology.

Various techniques can be used to manage credits:

  • Private label accreditation: the user connects to the private label and registers itself independently.
  • Accreditation from a white list: the organizer provides Bemils staff with a list of names and sends the accredit via mass e-mail.
  • Via pass system: the organizer from his reserved area imports the list of users to send the accreditation to.
  • Hybrid accreditation. In this method, the organizer provides Bemils staff with a list of names, which are uploaded to the private label. The user can connect to the private label, enter the e-mail address, find his name, and download the accredit.