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Dynamic price

With the Bemils ticketing system it is possible to apply dynamic pricing to a specific product. Read More

As the number of tickets available decreases, their price will increase, according to the logic established by the organizer and in compliance with current regulations.

Sale of the installment of a season ticket

With Bemils it is possible to make available to the organizer a part of a season ticket, with exclusive advantages for the customer.

The sale or transfer of a part of a season ticket is the possibility of making available to a team or sports club, for example, a seat for a match that is part of the season ticket purchased by a user.
If the “sale” of the ticket is successful and someone buys it, to avoid administrative problems, it is better not to proceed with a real monetary refund.
It is possible to give the subscriber a voucher or extra points directly in his virtual wallet. If the season ticket holder tries to access the match with the ticket sold, he will be blocked by access control, as the rate for that specific match has been transferred.