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Food & Beverage and Merchandising

With Bemils platform it is possible to manage, in addition to the sale of entrance tickets to fairs, concerts, festivals, and shows, also the sale of collateral products and services such as food & beverage and merchandising. Read More

With the ticketing system, it is possible to sell ancillary products and services to the event, such as food & beverage and merchandising.

The sale of these products and services can take place:

  • In the form of preset products or services: such as menus, tasting carnets, t-shirts, books, gadgets, etc. In this case, the customer buys on the site and receives a voucher which he uses on-site to collect what he has purchased.
  • In the form of “virtual credit”. The customer purchases a certain amount of credit on the platform, receives a voucher, and redeems the credit locally in the form of physical coins (e.g. tokens) or loaded onto a digital support such as a bracelet with RFID technology.


In this way, the customer, in a single transaction and from the same platform, will be able to purchase both the ticket for the event and merchandising or food & beverage products.


Selling these services and products online is convenient because it allows customers to show up on the day of the event without cash that could be lost.

On the organizer side, it may be convenient to know in advance the quantities of products already purchased to prepare and limit the use of POS for on-site payments, especially in areas where there may be a bad internet connection.