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Loyalty programs

There are several loyalty programs that can be offered to customers, even combined together: collection of points, ranking, pre-emption are some examples. Read More

Bemils’s system offers different types of loyalty programs that are very useful for long-term events, such as games part of a sports season or shows part of a theater season.

Points collection

Each registered user has a wallet in which it is possible to collect points, credits, vouchers, etc. The organizer will decide the points collection regulation, therefore how to collect the points, what they can be converted into (discounts, merchandising, experiences, etc.).
Some examples of how points can be collected:

  • Simple registration
  • More complex registration (adding some data, such as shipping, billing, date of birth, etc.)
  • By purchasing tickets, it is possible to assign different points based on the buyer (a VIP pack for example will be worth more points)
  • By purchasing related products and services, points can be assigned based on the product category
  • By reading the tickets at the access control, this could be useful in the case of less prestigious matches, which do not attract a large number of fans, to entice them to participate

User ranking assigns each user a risk score. If a user has a low risk score she may be eligible for special bonuses, such as access to sales before they open to the general public.


Among the loyalty programs there is also the pre-emption, classic of football: the possibility granted to a certain category of users to buy before the opening of sales to the general public. For example, those who have purchased a season ticket for the past season can have priority over the purchase for the new one. Users will be able to purchase the season ticket in the same place as the previous year, before the opening of the general sale. The times and methods of the pre-emption are established by the organizer. Similarly, pre-emption can be used also on individual matches.