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Parking Sale

With Bemils ticketing system is possible to sell parking tickets too, even in addition to tickets to attend the event. Read More

Do you manage a car park?
With Bemils you can:

  • Sell online parking tickets for cars, motorcycles, campers and coaches
  • Manage sales for single days
  • Manage weekly, monthly, annual subscriptions
  • Manage multiple license plates

Parking linked to an event: with Bemils platform it is possible to sell both tickets for events and parking spaces. The customer will be able to purchase, in a single transaction, both the entrance ticket to the event and the parking ticket. Parking can be included in a package or it can be offered as a side service, before checkout.

With Bemils it is also possible to sell just the parking space, unrelated to an event. Directly from our ticketing portal or by creating a private label, it will be possible to sell parking tickets online, with the management of different types of parking for different vehicles and subscriptions.