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Pass system

Pass management has never been easier, thanks to the dedicated functions, which allow the venue’s control and a safe and practical "behind the scenes" management. Read More

With Bemils it is possible to manage event passes, for sponsors, staff, press, etc.
The system allows also roles and areas management, and it’s integrated with access control.

Passes can be created by importing a contact list or can be created directly by the organizer with the system. The graphics of the passes can be customized according to the organizer’s needs. The pass can be made in foldable A4 format and inserted into a pass holder.

Different types of passes can be created: personal passes, for staff, suppliers, the press, etc., but also passes to access parking/transport or to access different services or areas of the venue. For example, you can create a press pass that can access the press room and refreshment area but not backstage.


  • Aareas management
  • Roles and permissions management
  • Integration with access control