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Ticket’s rate sale

With Bemils it is possible to sell a part of a season ticket, i.e. one of the individual performances that compose the season ticket. Read More

The sale or transfer of a season ticket’s part is the possibility of selling or making it available to a sports club, for example, a specific match included in the season ticket.

  • The customer can put the season ticket rate up for sale and, if the resale is successful, receive a monetary refund.
  • The sports club can ask season-ticket holders who know they cannot participate in a match (possibly an important one) to transfer their season rate and not refund them but grant other types of advantage: discounts, points on the wallet, etc.

If the member who has sold or transferred the rate tries to access the same performance, he will be blocked at the access control. The same logic can also be applied to theater season tickets, for example.