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International Alba White Truffle Fair

The International Alba White Truffle Fair is a great event that takes place in Alba between October and December, which every year attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world and has chosen us as its ticketing partner since 2018. Read More

At the center of the fair, we find the Truffle Market, with many other collateral events like Donkey’s Palio and Historical Medieval Reconstruction, dinners with starred chefs, tastings, cooking classes, workshops, etc.

Among the reasons for the longevity of this business relationship, we can find the great reliability of the system, but also the economic reliability, and the ability to customize pages and processes, according to the needs of the organizers.

One of the peculiarities related to this fair is that it is a multi-organizer and multi-cart event.

The user on the sales page can buy tickets for multiple events simultaneously (from different organizers), which take place on different days. All in one transaction. For certain types of events, such as Donkey’s Palio and Historical Medieval Reconstruction, we have activated the choice of seat on the map, to allow the customer to choose the preferred seat, for others, however, such as the Market, there is the choice of the time slot in which participate.

For the Fair, we have created a private label with the look & feel of the event website, in two languages, Italian and English, because of the large participation of the international public. On the page, you can pay with different payment gateways or even by bank transfer, an option that can be activated for certain types of events with a cart with a very high value.

For the event, we also manage different types of discounts, such as discount codes, or promotions that can be activated by placing certain quantities or types of products in the cart.

In addition to ticket sales, we also manage the accreditation page for journalists at the event, with a dedicated registration process (we ask for specific data, like the journalist number card). Another useful service for the event is the management of passes for participants in the Donkeys Palio and Historical Medieval Reconstruction, to allow them to move around the various areas of the venue in a safe and controlled way.

The on-site ticket office is also managed through our system, to sell on-site but also to allow the staff to manage reservations and free tickets with the practical box office workstations that we rent, equipped with a certified Zebra printer and PC.

The Fair also uses our access control system, on Zebra professional readers that we rent: our application combined with devices of this level allows the reading of around 600/800 codes per hour. With our access control system, the customer can always know how many participants have entered and how many are still expected.

A very important part of the work with the Fair is customer service, always ready to support the organizer, managing changes to the events (on configuration, capacity, reporting), sending mass communications to inform customers about any changes to the events, supporting end customers both in the purchase and post-purchase process and the punctual and precise reporting of the collections.