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Marchiol is an important company in northeast Italy, that deals with electrical equipment, lighting, and automation. Since 2018 they have been using our system for the Elettroexpo trade fair. Read More

Since 2018 Marchiol has been using our system for the free biennial trade fair Elettroexpo: three days full of meetings to discover market trends, learn the use of technological innovations, and deepen knowledge of Marchiol‘s services and identity.

The fair is mainly dedicated to three types of users: customers, non-customers, and employees. To manage the registration process, we created a private label with the look & feel of the event website, on which participants can register themselves to receive the entrance ticket to the fair via email. We have made an API connection with the customer database to better and faster manage customer codes and employee codes. By cross-referencing the registration data with those of the Marchiol database, it is possible to complete the registration successfully.

A very important part of the project was the creation of the Clappit Expo Exhibitor web app, dedicated to the fair world and specifically designed to make it easier to manage stands and expositors. With Clappit Expo Exhibitor, it is possible to create passes for personnel, such as stand operators, and cars, in order to access the car parks, and send it to collaborators via e-mail directly with our web app. With the web app, it’s possible also to consult various reports, upload product lists, place orders, and register visitors directly from the stand.

A peculiarity of this fair is the creation of a gamification process, to make the fair more engaging, reward visitors, and encourage them to follow the suggested path.
For each stand visited, among those indicated, the expositors read a special ticket and give the visitors a “sticker”. The visitor collects the stickers and, at the end, if he collects enough he can receive a special prize. By reading the visitor’s ticket at the stand, the exhibitor also acquires valuable information about the users.
The system is able to recognize when a visitor has already passed by a certain stand, thanks to an information message that appears when reading the ticket code, in this way, the visitors can’t cheat.

We also rent printers and PCs to Marchiol to create accreditations directly at the fair, and numerous professional Zebra readers, for validating entrance tickets, passes for exhibitors and cars, and visitor tickets at the stands, all with our access control application.