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Mixology Experience is a great event dedicated to the world of beverages, a reference event for the entire industry of the liquors & spirits sector and for all the professionals who gravitate around this world. Read More

For several years we have been collaborating with the organizer, The Bar, which in addition to this event over time has proposed other similar formats dedicated to specific types of spirits.

For Mixology Experience we have created a private label with the look & feel of the event website, which allows for sale to the general public, and also to sector operators. For operators, we have managed various discount codes that allow the purchase of tickets and season tickets at a discounted price. The discount code is entered in a special field during the purchase. On the private label, we also sell drinks, to taste some spirits onsite.

In previous editions, we also rented the box office workstations for printing tickets, season tickets, and drinks on-site, but in the last two years, the organizers have preferred to insert QR codes on-site, in order to make people buy online, not create queues and make the event greener.

For access control, we rent the organizers our professional Zebra devices, with which it is possible to read 600-800 codes per hour, ideal for dealing with even the highest entry peaks.

The organizer always has access to the dedicated reports in his reserved area, to monitor sales, check the use of discount codes, and for the management of free tickets.