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Petrosyan Mania

Petrosyan Mania is a great event dedicated to the world of kickboxing and combat sports, organized by the Petrosyan brothers, great sportsmen of excellence. They have been using our ticketing system since 2018. Read More

For Petrosyan Mania, we have created a private label with the graphics and logos of the event website, on which it is possible to purchase tickets for different categories, even choosing the seat on the map.

On-site sales are made with our box office web application with PC and certified Boca thermal printers, which allows staff to quickly issue a lot of tickets in a short time.

For the event we also manage the creation of passes through our pass system, to manage athletes and staff backstage and in the various areas of the venue. With the pass system, it is easy to create different types of passes to be assigned to different categories of users, who can allow or prohibit access to certain areas. For Petrosyan Mania, sometimes we also manage the purchase and assignment of tyvek bracelets, according to the type of seat purchased by the customer, and support staff on the day of the event.

The organizer always has access to the reports and can check the sales trend at any time with our box office web application.

For access control, Petrosyan Mania uses our professional Zebra devices, with which it is possible to read 600-800 codes per hour, ideal for the management of large venues.