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Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup

The Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup is a major event made up of several appointments, one of which takes place in Italy. It is a very important and appreciated event, which boasts the participation of gymnasts and the public from all over the world. Read More

For the Italian step, which takes place over 3 days, we have been the event’s ticketing system since 2017.

For the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup, we have created a private label with graphics and styles from the event website. On the page, it is possible to buy tickets and season tickets of different types, even with the choice on the map option. A peculiarity of this private label is that there is a special field in which to enter the FGI card number (Italian Gymnastics Federation), to allow athletes to purchase a certain number of tickets at a discounted price.
For this reason, during the preparation of the event, the organizer provides us with a list of card codes which will then be recognized, when inserted on the private label.

For on-site sales, before and during the event, we rent Boca thermal printers, ideal for tickets and season tickets. Our box office web application allows for on-site selling, as well as the management of free tickets, management of reservations, and access to reporting to track and control sales status.

To check the tickets on the days of the event, the organizer uses our professional Zebra readers, equipped with SIM, with which it is possible to read 600-800 codes per hour, ideal for large-sized locations.

Another particular activity made for the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup was a special refund system with the opportunity to make donations for canceled tickets in 2020.
We created a private label on which users registered and entered the data of the tickets they purchased. They indicated an IBAN (many cards had expired in the meantime) to receive the credit. They could decide whether to have all the tickets refunded or not to request a refund and make a “donation” to the organizer.