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Vivo Concerti

The relationship with Vivo Concerti began in 2021, when we created a reallocation system capable of managing the tickets for a performance (concert, show, etc.) postponed due to the pandemic, which for example has been moved to a different location in one or more different dates. Read More

Vivo Concerti turned to us for the management of these projects because, unlike their official suppliers, our highly customizable solution according to the organizer’s needs proved to be the right choice for this particular type of activity.

The reallocation system that we have created allows the registration of one or more tickets, issued by different ticketing systems (but not our system), on a dedicated page, a branded private label with the name and graphics of the artist or tour in question.
The user registration process has been customized according to the wishes of the organizer and based on the peculiarities of every single event. On the page, once the registration process is complete, the user enters some data that can be found on previously purchased tickets and registers them for the new date. The new date can be a single one or, in some cases, it’s a choice between two or more proposals. After having collected all the data of the issued tickets (in one or more tranches), we proceed with the issue of seat markers which will be sent by e-mail to users who have redeemed their tickets and will indicate the seat to be occupied in the new venue.

The other project created with Vivo Concerti is a dedicated private label for the sale of ticket allotments for concerts, shows, and festivals with national and international artists.

The great speed of ticketing that the system allows has been fundamental in some important big sales.

A particular activity managed for this organizer was the exclusive sale of the meet & greet for one of the events they organized. In this case, a simple purchasing process has been implemented, which allows you to select the number of meet & greets for adults, children under 16, and children under 4 without a seat. The meet & greet can be purchased on its own or together with show tickets, conveniently in one single transaction. Because of the high value of this kind of product, payment by bank transfer has also been arranged.